Vitamix 5200 Vs 6200

2015/05/13  · Vitamix 5300 vs 5200 vs 7500 Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 5200 are less advanced C-Series Blenders (Released in 2007) while the Vitamix 7500 is a G-Series (Released in 2012) Next Generation Blender. The 5200 and 5300 are almost similar with some minor differences. The main difference between 5.

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Vitamix 5200 Review The Vitamix 5200 has been the best-selling Vitamix for 10 years, come 2017. As Vitamix has many different models , this statement boasts about the versatile capabilities of this unique and powerful blender.

Which is the Best blender? In our, THE ORIGINAL, Vitamix vs Blendtec comparison we reveal the detailed similarities & differences between these top performance blenders. Our complete 2019 UPDATED review is based on over 10 years of blender education experience.

2019/04/04  · Vitamix 5200. The Vitamix 5200 features a specially designed Swedish motor. Boasting 2 peak horsepower, at its highest speed, the motor spins the blades at 37,00 rpm. While not as powerful as the motor featured in the Blendtec 675, the Vitamix 5200’s motor still outmatches most of the other blenders on the market today.

You may want to read on for my comparison of the Vitamix e320 vs 5300, and not just because I spent a fair amount of time researching the matter! I thought buying a blender would be simple. All I wanted was something that was capable of chopping, pureeing and making a smoothie.

Vitamix 5200 Vs. 7500 – Conclusion. In the Vitamix 5200 vs. 7500 debate, we can see that 7500 model is better. It is more powerful, more practical and comes with a pulse option. But, it is also more expensive. The 5200 version is a decent choice and it will probably meet all your requirements. Of course, it is more affordable as well.

As far as I can tell the motor base is the same, different containers (64oz with E320 vs 48oz with E310) and different warranty (7 years with E320 vs 5 years with E310). Overall, E320 is a better deal if the price is the same. Also I believe E320/E310 containers are now officially dish washer safe (please confirm with the user manual though).

Vitamix 5300 vs 6300 Comparison Review. Vitamix 5300 vs 6300 – Which is better? Use our table below to see the differences between these 2 high end blenders. The 5300 has the newer low profile container while the 6300 sports the traditional tall container. The 6300 has 3 pre-programmed settings but the 5300 has a slightly higher horsepower.

2017/04/07  · The 5200 is another Vitamix bestseller. It belongs to the legendary C-series that includes the TurboBlend VS, the Creations II, the Pro 200, and the CIA Pro. It does not feature any presets unlike the more advanced models like the 6300 and the Pro 500 but this is not a big deal for many.

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(Vitamix Two Speed vs. 5200 and Vitamix 6000 vs. 6300) The variable speed control found on all Vitamix machines except for the Two Speed and 6000 is useful for when you don’t want to fully liquefy your blend. Examples are pesto, salsa, or chopping vegetables. If you don’t have variable speed, you can get away with quickly pulsing, but you.

Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix VM0109. Compare All Blenders. Prices Reasons For Reviews Date Released Manufacturer’s Warranty Key Features Energy Efficiency Price Trend Specification. Share on. Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix VM0109. 75. Kagoo Score. 75. Kagoo Score. Vitamix 5200. £441.54. Our Verdict:

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Both the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 6300 are very similar. Both include a high-power base, a blending container with blade, and tamper for steamy ingredients. Both also include a 7-year warranty, so you know that your appliance will be completely protected. You don’t have to worry about the motor burning out or shorting out.

HUGE improvement over the 5200 for chopping foods because the wide bottom allows for you to chop more food in one batch, and there is so much room for the food particles to circulate! The longer blades tend to “toss food up” more in the container, and when dry chopping, this is a good thing, because it keeps food from packing into the corners.

I have been a Vitamix fan for over 4 years. I’ve used my 5200 with no problem. Love it. Got the same one for my mom. I received a little red 6300 from my husband the other day for my birthday! It is outstanding. I made a delicious fruit smoothie in it and used the smoothie preset. Turned out very nice. I handed my 5200 down to my son.

Vitamix 5300 vs 5200. Both are Classic C-Series blenders without the advanced engineering to reduce sound like the G-Series 7500, 750 and 300. The 5300 does not have a hi/lo switch, but instead has a pulse switch in its place. The low-profile 64-oz container comes with the Vitamix 5300 and an advertised “more horsepower” base.

Compare what is it good for? Vitamix e310 vs Vitamix e320 vs 5300 vs 5200 vs Vitamix Legacy 7500. Vitamix e310 Featuring standard controls and their iconic blending power, the E310 is designed to efficiently and easily prepare piping-hot soups, delicious smoothies, and so much more.

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Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 – Price. Blenders aren’t exactly among the cheapest kitchen appliances out there. But with the kind of things they can do, it’s definitely recommended to spend a little more to get the most out of them. Both the Vitamix 5200 and 5300 have prices for their brand new and refurbished units.

2019/06/08  · The 5200 does have some cool color combinations, such as white, that might fit better with your kitchen’s decor. But the 5300 surprisingly wins this round, especially since its opponent came out prior to its release. Conclusion: The Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 Finale