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Our latest Dezeen x MINI Living video features a proposal by Malka Architecture to improve the energy efficiency of a Parisian apartment building, by attaching boxy, parasitic extensions to its.

Philly’s tallest modular building is opening its doors in West Philly within. “It’s meant to be very plug-and-play,” Addimando said, adding that one trip to a chain furniture store like Ikea is all.

In 1965 Archigram envisioned the Plug-in City. Geoff at Bldgblog describes it: Archigram proposed using construction cranes as permanent parts of their buildings. The crane could thus lift new modular.

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Creating modular programs with Go plugins requires the same rigorous software practices as you would apply to regular Go packages. However, plugins introduce new design concerns that are amplified.

Each insulated sandwich-system modular cube is mounted off-site in a French woodworking. this will be the first time he uses the plug-in system on a building’s façade. He chose bio-sourced European.

The Plugin House uses a modular building system of prefabricated panels. Structural connections are integrated into each panel so that a Plugin House can be built with unskilled labor using one tool.

The latest video in our Dezeen x MINI Living series explores Bartlett School of Architecture graduate Matt Lucraft’s concept for a modular building system designed. which promoted the use of.

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced the first step toward manufacturing small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs. and transported to sites where they would be ready to “plug and play” upon.

Support for dependency injection is built into ASP.Net Core, Microsoft’s open source, cross platform, lean, and modular framework for building high performance, scalable web applications. In ASP.Net.

Beijing-based design studio People’s Architecture Office has proved yet again its knack for innovation and socially conscious design with its recent project, the Shangwei Village Plugin House. Made.

These so-called "modular" buildings have, in turn, taken Western forms. to overcome challenges specific to the area’s alleyways, or hutongs. The firm’s Plugin House project was designed in direct.

This has inherent limitations in height, but avoids the problems that they ran into in New York, where they tried to plug boxes into a frame, a much more complex process. They are building a lot into.

AD Classics presents you with great buildings. 1960 and 1974 Archigram created over 900 drawings, among them the plan for the “Plug-in City” by Peter Cook. This provocative project suggests a.

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Peugeot has recently unveiled a pure electric 208 hatchback (pictured above and below) and 2008 SUV in Europe, both of which.

The Mobble consists of modular components. This allows it to be flexibly integrated. but also organising and financing the.

and Malka will be adapting approximately 80% of the units in the building. Check back next week for Part 2 describing the mechanics of Malka Architecture’s modular plug-in system.

Read part one: "Benefits of modular construction stack up for owners" and part two: "Brands, lenders developing modular-construction comfort" REPORT FROM THE U.S.—Modular construction is not a.

Chakour Studios is aiming to provide creative and comfortable spaces for children where they can learn and play using modular design that offers. cost and regional availability. Called Plug n Play,

And this could be the future. Imagine high-rise buildings with an entirely different economic model, more like a vertical trailer park where you pay rent for your slot or your plot in the sky, and you.